This page is a portal to the creative works of four family members. 

Rick Jacobson is a poet and an aficionado of geo-everything, from the shape and nature of the land to the weather forces that shape our soil as well as our cultures.

Judy Burns is the poet’s wife.  She’s also Shannon’s mom and Quinlan’s grandma.  Besides that, she is a career television writer/producer and screenwriting teacher.

Margien Burns is Judy’s sister, an artist who worked in Hollywood production, mostly at Disney Studios.  Today, she spends most of her free time on her art.

Quinlan Duane is the daughter of Shannon and Rory Duane.  She is a brilliant seven year old who is the named hero of “Quinlan and the Lotus Monster”

Shannon Duane is a lawyer/teacher/screenwriter who has also dabbles in art and whose creative mind inspired “Quinlan and the Lotus Monster.”

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