Shannon Duane

Quinlan Duane

Shannon and Quinlan

Shannon was brought up in Hollywood as her mom, Judy, went from show to show and studio to studio writing and producing prime time  television.  At the age of twelve, Shannon bicycled 2500 kilometers from England to Austria and back to France.  It was a trip that taught her endurance as well as excitement as she confronted other cultures head-on.  After graduating from UC San Diego in Theatre, Shannon entered Law School and earned her JD, but after practicing law, she went back to her first love, writing, earning an MFA in  creative writing with an emphasis on screenwriting.  These days, she teaches but spends most of her time with her husband raising Quinlan. It was while in Japan with her husband, that Shannon imagined what Quinlan would do if she saw a monster in the lotus.  It was from that idea that “The Lotus Monster” was born. 

Quinlan is seven going on high schooler… a bright little girl wishing she were a big girl.  She is an avid IPAD aficionado, spending her free time on YouTube.  Her imagination tends to story telling… just like Momma and Grandma.  She likes anime and musicals, and she is already creating her own little books.

Ourika – A Drama

The Crystal Palace – Screenplay

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