Meet Margien Burns


I was born with a passion for drawing. As a small child, I delighted in writing and illustrating my own stories. When I was about nine or ten, my mom gave me my first how to draw books filled with pictures of dogs, cats, horses and lots of other animals. I still have those books and many more I added to my artist library. As you might guess, I am a self-taught artist, and continue to learn and hone my skills.

I have also published two books, A Hug From Heaven – and The Little Girl Dressed in Blue. A Hug from Heaven is a metaphysical, spiritual journey I wrote based on channeled messages I received from my father after his passing. I co-wrote The Little Girl Dressed in Blue with my mom. It is based on her childhood memories of life as a little newspaper girl growing up during the 1930s Great Depression.

I have always loved Disney animated movies and in my twenties, dreamed of becoming an animator. I was lucky enough to meet with legendary animator, Eric Larsen, who was one of Walt Disney’s “nine old men”. In the 1980s, he was in charge of recruiting new animators for Walt Disney Studios. I had a great interview; however, at that time, almost all of Disney’s new artists were CAL Arts alumni. If I wished to pursue my dream job, I would need to enroll there. I couldn’t afford it and that was the end of my artist career for many years.

Happily, I did have a Disney career – not as an animator but working in both live action television and feature animation. Eventually, I transitioned into Human Resources Administration, where I was able to incorporate graphic arts as one of my job skills.

Upon retiring in 2015, I decided it was time to get back to my art full time. I create photo realistic and whimsical colored pencil paintings. In addition to using both wax and oil based colored pencils, which I blend with odorless mineral spirits, I also often add other media including ink pencils and pan pastels.

Please browse my artist’s galleries.

Thank you!

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